Tove by design

Tove by design started the Maker Skirt movement in 2017. Beyond the obvious beauty, functionality & practicality of the maker skirt design, there's a certain vibe that comes with the skirts that attracts people, and makes us want to be involved in empowering young women, raise money for teens in need, earth stewardship, highlighting other designers & makers, or promoting a local company. If you buy a skirt, or even just follow along on social media, you feel drawn to act in a more thoughtful way. You want to clean up the beach, buy your veggies at the farmers market, attend a local art show, or walk a little further to buy your coffee at the small café.

Our influence is far and wide, and we engage people of different generations and backgrounds. Cool and hip enough to engage the youngsters, reliable and and practical enough to engage the older folks. The “maker skirt movement” can include everyone and makes a big impact on the collective good.

Burlington, VT

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