Amo Ergo Sum

Amo Ergo Sum translates to, “ I love therefore I am “, in Latin. The Upcycled Artwear brand hails from Brooklyn and was complete serendipity. Tres Jordan, a musician, had been watching a close friend struggle in recovery for a while. As an incentive, he promised his friend a new Christian Benner MC designer OOAK jacket if he stayed sober for a year. When said friend did exactly that, he contacted his old friend Mr. Benner to get him to make a jacket for him. Mr. Benner had another idea. “ Come on down to the studio and I’ll show you how to make one yourself !“ Mr. Jordan had never thought of that and did exactly that.
When Mr. Jordan presented his friend with the jacket on his first year anniversary … his friend cried! Mr. Jordan made another for a co-worker who got rave reviews and the next thing you know he had 150 pieces strewn about his apartment !!
I Love Therefore I Am / Amo Ergo Sum

Brooklyn, NY

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