Vespertine NYC

Passionate about cycling, design, safety, and the planet, New York based, Vespertine NYC is a line of highly reflective, sustainable apparel and accessories, a collision of safety function and style. Overcoming her deep fear, Founder/Designer Sarah Canner was living in Paris when she fell in love with biking as transportation and realized that being seen could make her feel and be safer on the road. Canner dreamed of stylish safety wear for herself, and especially to inspire and empower other women to cycle, too. Alors et Voilá, Haute Réflecture® was born - reflective, hi vis fashion to be seen and look fabulous, on road and off. Sustainability is at the core of our brand, from our mission - to encourage people-powered daily adventures - to our sourcing of recycled and up-cycled materials, to producing locally. But you don't need to bike or run to enjoy our styles. Fundamentally, Haute Réflecture® is lust-worthy fashion. It just so happens that it can also save your life.

Brooklyn, NY

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