Xoomba is a feisty young design company with a goal of making fashion harmless. We produce hand made, organic clothing and textiles in Burkina Faso, West Africa. We abide by the highest environmental and ethical standards to create sustainable livelihoods in Sub Saharan Africa and deliver our products at accessible prices.

We make our fabrics on hand looms using the locally grown fair trade and organic certified cotton in Burkina Faso. From the spinning of the yarn to the finishing stitches: everything is produced in one town, Bobo-Dioulasso. We use non toxic, fiber reactive dyes and will soon be making improvements to install solar water heating, rain harvesting and a treatment that will save 80% of water use and eliminate the need for fixing agents. In one of the poorest countries on the African continent, where almost all of the raw materials are shipped out to be processed elsewhere, developing sustainable manufacturing is essential.

Brooklyn, NY

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