No-Touch Key

$15.00 / pcs

Designed to keep your hands clean in public.

Our anti-touch key made from antimicrobial copper will help you open doors, turn handles, and press buttons without using your hands. With a small hole at the end, it can be added to your keys for easy access. Copper is a naturally antimicrobial metal that is known to kill bacteria within minutes!

Material and Fit
100% copper
Wipe clean to wash


ADIFF is a female-founded design label that empowers refugees and upcycles traditional "waste" materials to create clothing and accessories. Our claim to fame is our "jacket that can turn into a tent” (a.k.a. the trench & bomber), one of our first solution-based items designed to provide assistance to homeless and refugee populations, that was sold on a buy-one-give-one model. Our mission is to empower marginalized communities and fight climate change through the vehicle of fashion.

We understand displacement and climate change as inherently linked crises in the world. Our products leverage waste as a resource: recycling materials that would normally be trashed and using them as the raw material to create new product. Our goal is to bring circularity to the forefront of the fashion industry, setting an example for upcycling + sustainability.

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