Patchwork Jeans

$300.00 / pcs

Patchwork Jeans

Materials: Reconstructed second hand jeans.

Size: Comfortably fit a size 8 womens (38-39inch waist) can stretch comfortably to a size 10 (31inch waist) with the elastic feature on the inside waistband.

Details: Repurposed unique vintage jeans featuring pleated pockets with patchwork detail of lighter jean patch on leg. Elastic detail in the center back waist to create a comfortable fit.

Please Note: All garments are handmade by Kerry Phelan from 100% recycled vintage textiles in an effort to create zero waste. There may be imperfections in the vintage fabrics due to age, as the textiles used have traveled and lived many lives. However, Kerry Phelan prides herself on only sourcing the best quality of natural vintage textiles to work from.

Wash: Hand Wash/ Hang Dry or Dry Clean Only


Kerry Phelan Designs

Born through the exploration of repurposed vintage one-of-a-kind textiles, Kerry Phelan Designs features bold, modern and inclusive handmade garments reconstructed from alluring antique furniture upholstery, vintage handmade quilts, and embroidered tableware. Inspired by nature, the brand holds a high standard in sustainability from textile sourcing to design application and production. Kerry Phelan focuses on highlighting the traditional, hand-done elements of the vintage textiles, calling attention to the female-centric methods of historic embroidery, quilting, and trimming. Kerry Phelan Designs gives materials destined for landfills a trendy rebirth, honoring both the history they hold and the breathtaking land that created them.

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