Chaz Handpainted Tencel Kimono Cardigan - Dripping

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$128.00 / pcs

The love story in the making of Chaz Tencel Kimono is about passion to celebrate artisans and safeguard artistic traditions. When wearing Chaz, remember you are wearing generations of culture, art and talent. PLANT DYEING is a raw beauty that’s also kind and healthy so we want to do more. Our dyeing partner in Bali produce the dyes themselves in their home studio from abundantly grown plants in Bali instead of synthetic chemicals, bought outside and made by machines. Why? Good for the health: The by-hand, non-polluting process - from harvesting, extracting, and repeated dye bathing (massaging, marinating and drying) is toxin-free so it’s safe for artisans and the earth. It’s demanding - take more time, patience, creativity - but the results are mysteriously appealing. Color variations are unpredictable because they’re affected by sunlight, harvest time, climate, water, even soil fertility. Plant colors are always subdued - compared to the vibrant chemical dyes - and the natural fading over time has an earthy vibe beauty. Good for the earth: Plants re-grow so they’re a renewable, low-cost source.


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