Sweater Cuzco

Sweater Cuzco celebrates life

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Fair knitwear garment, handmade in Peru | 75% Alpaca wool, 25 % Cotton | Intarsia knitting technique with 8 colours | Matching beanie and loop scarf available |

Zero waste design | Unisex |

XS/S chest girth: 88 cm, length: 65 cm, sleeve length: 68 cm

S/M chest girth: 98 cm, length: 69 cm, sleeve length: 73 cm

M/L chest girth: 104 cm, length: 69 cm, sleeve length: 78 cm

L/XL chest girth: 109 cm, length: 75 cm, sleeve length: 79 cm

Sweater Cuzco celebrates life
The most memorable experiences at school are usually not of an academic nature. Think of the fun days you had with your friends, the laughter you shared.

Sweater Cuzco goes to that happy place with you. It was inspired by one colourful afternoon at the foot of the Andes mountain range. There, all the children had dressed up in creative outfits to celebrate the local school’s 25th anniversary. From trendy modern styles with a twist to beautiful traditional garments, their imagination was boundless.

This handmade alpaca knitwear celebrates the diversity of ideas in many beautiful colours and patterns as well as the joy carefree creativity brings to everyone’s lives.



ANNAMRIAANGELIKA's premium knitwear is characterized by the confluence of sustainability, lifestyle and design, while playfully creating a unique link between tradition and modernity.

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