Reflective Rainbow Sparkle Scrunchie

$16.00 / pcs

There is so much to love about our new scrunchies, made from a super bright silver reflective fabric with magical rainbow sparkles on it. Wear as a beautiful hair accessory or a fun bracelet / wrist band. Its super powers will keep you visible on night walks,  jogs, and bike or scooter rides. Hand made in NYC.


Vespertine NYC

Vespertine NYC's Haute Réflecture® apparel and accessory collections are a collision of reflective safety wear and style, made locally in NYC's storied Garment District from sustainable and recycled tech materials and up-cycled luxury fabrics. Their functional, eye-catching collections are designed to empower and inspire today's active sustainable lifestyles and to turn heads, on road and off. Finally, fashion can save your life!

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