Cocoon Caftan Domino Print

$210.00 / pcs

100% Cotton Voile certified by Global Recycle Standard (GRS)

Cocoon Caftan. Airy and Semi See-through weight.

Due to the handmade process slight differences in color or texture are expected and highly celebrated

Indigo combo has been created with myrobalan, iron and indigo, cook with dhavdi flowers.


Blinded by Color Project

We refuse a society that dictates who we should love, how we should dress, and what we should do.
We won’t trade environmental and human rights for social status and profits.
The spaces between our breaths enter back into our natural state, where “I” falls away and we exist as “one” together.
We are united by the web of life, the Earth is a part of our being, and we belong to the universe. It is with this affirmation of the interconnectedness of all things where we find our home.

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