DRY Sweat Zipup Hooded Jacket

$120.00 / pcs

A dry sweatshirt made of cotton-touch polyester for comfort in the city or in the mountains.

BRING's fleece zip up hoodie are characterized by a soft cotton-like feel. For everyday use in the city, or when exercising in the mountains or gym. It is a new body design with long sleeves and hem ribs while being classical. Moist, soft and comfortable, the polyester fleece, which looks like cotton, has high water absorption and quick-drying properties.

Even though it's a sweatshirt, it "drys", it's like magic. Increase your choices.

The appeal of this DRY COTTONY Sweat series is that it dries easily.
Have you ever experienced a sweatshirt that you wash in the middle of the night and dry overnight? If it dries quickly, you don't have to think about the smell of dryness, and if you wash it at night and wear it the next morning, you can wash it on a trip or in the mountains, and you will have less change of clothes. If you change clothes less, you will have less luggage and less fatigue = "more things you can do". This sweatshirt increases your next choice.

BRING Material ™ 25%
BRING Material is a trademark that appears when raw materials, threads, fabrics, and final products made in the BRING supply chain are used as materials. Sustainable polyester made from remnants and yarns generated when making apparel products, and used clothing provided by everyone.
Have you ever seen a bee-marked clothing collection box? In partnership with our partners, we collect clothing that is no longer needed at home. Clothes that can still be worn can be reused or donated, and the clothes that can be worn can be recycled to polyester of the same quality as petroleum-derived polyester. By doing so, fossil fuel usage can be minimized.

Fluff reduction The fluff, which is a weak point of polyester spun yarn that occurs when fluff does not come off easily, is greatly reduced by aligning the direction of the fluff. It achieves both microfiber outflow reduction and aesthetics.

DRY COTTONY Swat, which dries well , is not quick-drying due to its thick fabric, but it dries well enough to dry overnight even in sweatshirts.

The titanium-derived material kneaded into the UV cut yarn diffusely reflects light containing ultraviolet rays (UV), preventing sunburn and at the same time preventing see-through.

Reduces the outflow of microfiber, which causes marine pollution. There is less fluff loss, and the outflow of microplastic, which causes marine pollution, is reduced.

All-gender All-gender support. A crew neck T-shirt with a long back tail that fits various body shapes.



BRING Technology recycles polyester in collected clothes into polyester resin to manufacture products that are equivalent to petroleum-derived raw materials. They are committed to a circular economy with BRING Technology, polyester has been transformed into a sustainable raw material.

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