The Poe Tote

A leather mesh tote – Dimensions 14 x 2 x 15 inches

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A cross between a hobo and a tote – Poe can carry it all. With its body crafted from a single piece of leather and constructed with a double blind stitch, our signature laser cut pattern allows the tote to expand and contract.

Dimensions 14 x 2 x 15 inches

Material and Fit
Our bags are made from premium, vegetable tanned leather – a traditional process which relies on tannins from bark or other plant tissues. This method is healthier for the workers, less toxic for the environment, and ensures that our products are ultimately biodegradable. It also means that natural variations will occur. These marks are features, not flaws. Your bag will age with grace and character.
Although we have sealed our leather with carnauba wax and tan kote it can take time for natural dyes to settle and a residue may initially rub off onto lighter material.
About Brands
Based in NYC, we believe in acting locally and building community. We combine old-world craft with cutting edge technologies. Orphee was born in a Greenwich Village makerspace where the original designs were developed, laser-cut and prototyped. Orphee sources, fabricates and manufactures its bags in small batches. As we continue to grow, we are committed to working with family-owned leather distributors and expert craftspeople located in NYC and Brooklyn.

Orphee Bags

Orphee – an independent brand of laser cut, vegetable-tanned leather handbags and totes – models its core principles on the convergence of ethics, design, and technology. Orphee’s signature mesh pattern embodies the interplay between form and function. Flexible and strong – the bags come to life as they move and morph.

In 2018, Chloe Orphee Smolarski, an interdisciplinary artist and educator, combined her vision and experience to found Orphee. More than a middle name, Orphee (French for Orpheus the Greek hero who played the lyre) represents choices and new beginnings. Rather than looking back, Orphee believes in intentionally looking forward–towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

Coming from a long line of European tailors, Chloe seeks to couple old-world craft with cutting edge technologies. Orphee blends theory and practice to produce a flexible, elegant and durable bag.

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