Footwear Designers around the globe struggle to follow their true passion: Designing great shoes. When employed in the industry, designers are often told what to do. On the other hand, when they try to build their own brand, they face high financial risks and unbearable overhead costs. 

Although shoes are such a beloved product category, footwear designers simply cannot reach their full creative potential. Zellerfeld believes this must change. Their goal is to turn the planned footwear economy into a free market economy where great designs and shoes blossom, not the company with the biggest capital.  

To achieve this ambitious goal, they have spent the last 3 years in a basement in Germany developing their own unique 3d printing technology that now enables designers to produce profitably. The production can happen on a small scale or even just for individual pieces. By giving designers this freedom, Zellerfeld wants to support breathtaking designs and innovation in footwear. 

The Canvas is the perfect place for Zellerfeld. We can all work together to ensure a more sustainable future. All materials in the printing processes are TPUs and therefore fully recyclable. Every shoe can be shred down, melted down, and brought into new shape again.