Wyilda af Norden is a sustainable luxury accessories brand for women that refuse to compromise. They strive to minimize their environmental footprint, creating scarves from high-quality natural fibers without any hazardous chemicals. Our production partners have international certification guaranteeing that all components of a Wyilda scarf, from thread to print, are free from hazardous chemicals, including formaldehyde, APEOs and AZOs.


Wyilda is a small brand with a grand vision: to introduce Nordic standards in terms of employment benefits on less regulated labour markets. These benefits include decent working hours, healthcare, paid vacation and childcare. This also helps ensure that production is conducted in a manner that does not inflict any unnecessary harm on the environment. To do this they collaborate with AWAJ – a trade union in Bangladesh. AWAJ represents hundreds of thousands of women working in fashion factories. Their services include: legal aid, education, assistance with negotiations and childcare. Wyilda af Norden donates 5% of their profits to AWAJ. They also believe in full transparency and disclose the contact information of all our suppliers.