Wool for Millicent was born out of a love for wool and knitting. All designs are knitted with high quality wool (alpaca, merino, mohair) cotton and linen. The creations of Wool for Millicent are simple-hearted, refined and mindful. Wool for Millicent works with sustainable suppliers to source their wool and is committed to upholding a socially and environmentally responsible business. All our items are produced in a knitting atelier in the Chez Republic and each employee is known by name and considered part of the team. Wool for Millicent wants to revalue the craft of knitting, using non synthetic materials such as wool, cotton and linen.


Wool for millicent does not abide by the traditional fashion calendar rules that push brands to create 2, 3, or 4 collections each year. They are interested in making quality basic items that do not need to go on sale after 3-4 months and then thrown away when the season or trend is over, pushing consumers to not participate in fast fashion and be considerate with their purchases.