ALL YOU NEED IS LESS is the motto of women’s basics brand,Vert Toi®️. The name Vert Toi®️ translates to “Green You” in French. It represents the founders’ commitment to change the fashion industry. After working in the industry for over a decade for brands produced for Walmart, Tina decided she’d had enough. She always loved to make things. If she couldn’t find it, she would make it. This is probably how she ended up working in Apparel Product Development for over 25 years. After hauling countless pieces of unwanted or unwearable clothing to her local donation center, not knowing where they were really going, (you know when they throw it into the big truck?) she had an idea. What if we knew where our garment was going when we purchased it? What if that garment was Certified Organic, without harmful chemicals and was produced in a Fair Trade Factory? Voila! Vert Toi®️ was born!


The beautiful tees are made from the softest GOTS certified cotton and made in a Fair Trade certified factory in India. All packaging is 100% recycled or compostable. Designed to be recycled. The unique factor about Ver Toi is that the customer can return the shirt at the end of its life, postage paid, to be recycled with Terracycle's zero waste box.