The Untrend Shop operates under the tag line “Not on trend, just uniquely you.” The brand is made up of one of a kind, up-cycled vintage denim pieces that don't follow trends or fads. The intention is to create valuable timeless pieces from garments and scraps that may otherwise end up in landfills.

In the words of the designer, the brand is almost like an upgraded thrift store. Everything created is up-cycled from something else -- about 95% of the materials used are being given a second life. Denim jackets and jeans are sourced from thrift stores in Brooklyn and many of the scrap materials come from a company called Fabscrap that collects unwanted or unused textiles from the garment district and sorts them for recycling. People are always going to continue to want to buy new things, yet thrifting is the single most sustainable way to shop. The intention behind Untrend Shop is to offer something that is unique or custom and "new" in it's own way. Another big concern of the designer is how unsustainable and unethical the denim industry can be. Despite some recent technology upgrades that help reduce water usage and pollution, the denim industry still has its fair share of ugly. Some of this includes high water usage and indigo dye pollution, unsafe working conditions of cotton farmers using harmful pesticides, underpaid and poorly treated garment factory workers (mostly women), and chemical usage for washes and distressing techniques. Untrend Shop aims to get the most use out of the denim we already have produced and manufactured, instead of continually created more and more. Please identify one or more.