Studio Markovic is an artistic vision where we invite our clients to implement the values they are buying into their own lives, creating high-quality knitted pieces that last and become better over time. Commitment to longevity, working closely with small communities of women in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina that produce the Artisanal Collection are at the very heart of the Studio. The goal is to provide them with a fair and stable income and a solid base for the future. A lot of time is invested into working with them, perfecting the techniques and patterns and producing quality handmade items. In addition, each item is personally signed by the knitter who created it, so that its ultimate owner has a better understanding of the time and the commitment woven into their individual garment.


Studio Markovic is very careful not to waste yarns and fabrics, taking the time and energy it requires to breathe new life into discarded stock. The result is not always breathtaking, but quite often remaking and repurposing brings new ideas and solutions to the table for the editions to come.Their yarn suppliers are similarly committed to sustainability, adhering to corporate social responsibility code, eliminating toxic chemicals in the production process, and following the Detox agreement. Studio Markovic also works according to the concepts of the Circular & Sustainable Series by continuously working with various garment factories in Croatia that have unused material on stock. Studio Markovic seeks to make the whole process, from its ideation to its construction and production, as harmless as possible.