SixChel designs for women always on the go. Working on a slow-fashion platform allows the team to trace production and choose where our collections are made and shipped. SixChel works with a small manufacturer in New York with one on one communication with the operator of the facility. The designer ensure that the working conditions are held to the same standards she holds for her own working conditions within her studio. If a factory/manufacturing facility is in line with their studio, then it is a yes for them to partner produce the collections.


The line is made using Tencel, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and vegan leather. This fabric reduces the amount of chemicals that go into the water stream and are made with natural fibers as opposed to fibers made from chemicals and plastics. The growth and production of these natural fibers also require much less water than the alternatives. The goal is to find fabric that is more sustainable and that is healthier not only for people, but for the environment. SixChel packaging is made from recycled materials and they are working to completely eliminate plastic from their business. They use their social media platforms and speaking events to educate consumers on living sustainable lifestyles and to speak out about the issues they believe in.