Olen Organic was created to offer beautifully designed, mindfully made organic cotton baby clothing and blankets. The pieces are modern, gender-neutral styles and use sustainable practices to create safer, softer, better apparel and accessories for baby and Mother Earth. A portion of all sales are donated to PL+US, an organization fighting to win paid family leave for all in the United States. "Olen" means "I am" in Finnish, and reflects the commitment to individuality, while serving as a homage to Scandinavian design and social practices.


Each piece is produced in small-batches with the intent that they will be well-loved, passed on to friends and family, or recycled responsibly using a prepaid shipping label courtesy of givebackbox.com. The brand with a mill and cut-and-sew facility in Los Angeles, California, where they know the workforce, can ensure workers receive a living wage (the highest in the U.S.!) and have full transparency regarding the physical and environmental conditions under which the clothing is made. All of the baby clothes and essentials are made from organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard, which ensures strict environmental and social criteria are met during farming and production. GOTS- certified organic cotton is entirely grown and harvested without the use of pesticides, harmful chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers, and only produced under fair and sustainable working conditions. Organic cotton is naturally softer and safer for sensitive skin. It is free of harsh chemicals, waxes, and heavy metal inks that are used in the manufacturing of conventional cotton clothing. According to the EPA Office of Solid Waste, Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing per person per year! And the majority of this waste is either petrochemical-based polyester, which never decomposes, or conventional, chemical-laden cotton. Organic cotton is critical to responsibly managing our waste and sustainability because it naturally decomposes within months, returning safely to the land.