Nia Thomas is a brand of clothing and accessories made in Brooklyn New York. The slow fashion brand is created for all beings who value sustainable ethics and wearable art. The collections bring into fruition wearable art that is made with recycled or reclaimed materials that have been extracted and reconditioned for a new use. As close to 70% of the clothing is made out of “deadstock” fabrics, since textiles make up almost 6% of the trash entering U.S. landfills every year. Nia buys verified old, leftover, and over-ordered fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses. This allows her to reuse and divert these materials from landfills and into your closet. With the use of biodegradable garment labels and scrunchies made out of fabric scraps, she tries her best to minimize the flow of waste. Any fabric she feels the need to dye is dyed with 100% organic plant-based dyes and rain water. All of the clothing & accessories she sews, knits and assembles are produced in her apartment with the help of a few local artisans.


As a woman Nia fully understands the importance of women supporting one another and not relying on men to give them equal opportunities. She is proud to say that she predominantly works with fellow female or femme identifying creatives on building the ethos of the brand. From female photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, seamstresses, writers, musicians, models, stylists, set designers, executive producers and lighting specialists, she has collaborated to create beautiful work and images that represent what women can accomplish when they fully trust and support each other.