MyLife is a lifestyle brand inspired by the ocean and snow culture. The founders have a strong passion for the clean water movement and have evolved into a brand which raises awareness around the need for clean water and the importance behind it. MyLife partnered with a water filtration vending machine company called Water Station Technology to raise awareness and support the movement. Their goal is to host fundraisers and events which allows them to provide the technology to communities in need. Water Station has over 2,000 machines in the US and are making their way across the country. This technology also promotes avoiding single use plastic as it is a refill station which is an added bonus!


MyLife is also partnering with larger brands such as SMITH and social figures behind the movement such as Chris Burkard--environmentalist and photographer to promote the mission of clean water for all! The accessories line is produced in the US as well as the Dominican Republic for the more technical gear. The workspace in the DR is healthy and happy. It is located in a beautiful beach town with positive vibes. They have a very strong relationship with their partners and make all the effort they can to ensure they are creating the lowest carbon footprint possible.