Minus Us is a store offering upcycled clothing founded on the basis of a fashion tech site created with the intention to build an echo system for artists to showcase their work. The site also selects an artist each month to design one or two new pieces of upcycled clothing. The online store also features a shopable feed of graphic design and clothing revolving around music. The feed allows customers to discover artists, listen to music, and shop their Minus Us styled outfits all in one place.


About 90% of the clothing is upcycled vintage or made from reusable fabric. The material is sourced locally and from a supplier out of California. The production takes place in Brooklyn, NY and focuses strongly on reducing their water usage. About 60% of Minus Us collaborations involves women. Whether it is working with female artists to design new pieces or raising awareness for their brand via photo shoots and features. At the end of the day the mission behind Minus Us is to empower women artists.