Maven Women creates elegant day-to-evening pieces that honor people and the planet at every step. Maven Women have six core values that guide everything they do: Investing in Investment Pieces, Restorative Justice, Natural Beauty, Connectivity & Education, and Women's Empowerment. The most recent American Eco-Innovation Collection is made of a gorgeous eco Ponte de Roma made primarily of cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. The Ponte is created by a family-owned, Los Angeles-based factory, Laguna Fabrics. The brand even invests in a special treatment to pre-shrink the fabric prior to production which takes place at the nearby Geltman Industries. This pre-shrinking eliminates the need to dry clean, which is better for both the planet and the pocketbook. For development and production they partner with Lefty Production Company, a woman-owned manufacturer in Los Angeles. All steps on the supply chain take place within a ten mile radius within Los Angeles.


The Global Artisan Collection is created by Mehera Shaw, an artisanal, eco-conscious, fair trade manufacturer in Jaipur, India. Mehera Shaw’s artisans dye our organic cotton fabric and block print the liners by hand using centuries-old techniques that preserve craft heritage and support decentralized village production methods in rural India. All staff are full-time salaried employees who are paid on time, paid a living wage, receive annual bonuses, and can receive emergency loans for education, illness, and family concerns. The staff work in a transparent team environment with support for additional skills training. There is no discrimination or harassment, forced labor, forced overtime, excessive working hours, or child labor. Mehera Shaw is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Craft Mark. Mehera Shaw is embarking on a new project to improve their environmental impact through improving water filtration, which would enable them to receive certification by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 95% of their textiles, and all of those used for Maven Women, already have this high level certification.