MATTER reinterprets textile heritage into prints that tell stories of where and why they are made. We create garments and accessories that accompany you through day and night, always with the ethos of comfort and versatility in mind. The mission is to #ChangeBeyondTextiles – to make rural artisanship sustainable, shift designers’ approach to their process, and inspire customers to value provenance.


Production focuses on working with generational artisans in continuing their craft and elevating the design to be modern and relevant. Creating products through natural fibers, azo-free dyes (sometimes natural dye), and techniques such as low-waste pattern making. The products are now 20-30% organic depending on the time of year and they strive to be 50% organic in 2020. MATTER has also recently completed a cycle within production, which allows for all of the scraps and waste fabric to be woven into a new fabric for another garment.


The artisans that work on the fabrics are either hired by a local artisan group or work within an artisan cluster that has an above average wage as compared to their city. The garments are mostly stitched in a Fair Factory in Delhi and otherwise are stitched by stitching units that are set up by the artisan partners who are looking to equip the people in their area with marketable skills. MATTER frequently visits their partners, minimum once a year, to ensure that all working conditions are up to standard. Currently, 90% of the production is based in India, dispersed through Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, New Delhi and the remainder in Thailand and Malaysia. The business adopts the model of social enterprise, with their beneficiary stakeholder built into the business model. 40% cost price of each item goes directly to the artisans.