Maria Maurio is a collection of apparel and knits focused on the use of natural dyes, ethical sourcing, and fossil fuel reduction. By using natural dyes, the brand creates a closed loop system which eliminates production from non-renewable sources of petroleum and other hazardous by-products. The dyes degrade naturally and are compostable. In some cases the dyes are supplied by small cooperatives. Maria Maurio is committed to reviving and spotlighting artisanal methods of natural dye use which has been in existence since the beginning of time. This highlights small cooperatives to further increase transparency in manufacturing. All items are dyed by Maria herself in the US because she prefers to keep her supply chain and quality control methods as hands on as possible.


The brand also only uses natural fibers which forgo the synthetic processing route and decreases greenhouse emissions and fossil fuel use drastically when compared to synthetics. The hand looms used for the scarves from Nepal are sourced directly from a family of generational weavers, directly supporting an artisanal cottage industry and insuring a “direct to market” route for their work. In this way she is able to provide financial benefits and create economic productivity.