LOVE STORIES BALI is a style-conscious, eco-friendly, ethically-made and socially-responsible brand, based in Bali. The brand exists to accomplish a mission - to help in the early education of underprivileged Balinese children by supporting two sustainable-conscious preschools. With every purchase a donation is made. 50% of all profits are donated to preschools in Bali, founded by women who are passionately committed to giving underprivileged children quality early education at a low cost. After 18 months in operation, LOVE STORIES BALI has donated over $15,000 which has been used to help fund the expansion of the school facilities, build organic farms for the children, bring volunteers to help make the school more “green,” and bring in school experts to help improve the “life skills curriculum”. Today the impact of the brands support has improved not just the children’s lives but also their parents, teachers, and communities and they are just getting started.


The line consists of organic cotton, organic hemp, and naturally dyed silk. All patterns are hand painted using traditional batik techniques. No plastic buttons or polyester thread is ever used. The collections are produced in to workshops in Bali, both of which are family owned and take much pride in their high standards of craftsmanship. They follow a zero-waste policy and even filter the water back into the cycle for re-use. The artisans are paid above the average wage and do not need to work overtime, permitting a work-family balance that is usually not possible in Bali. The founders of LOVE STORIES BALI visit the sites daily to engage with the artisans and do quality checks of the process, helping to ensure that all the sustainability processes are being used and that all scraps are being upcycled or donated to the preschools. In addition, 100% of the upcycled products profits are donated to the preschools.