Located in the Wilde Zee neighborhood, this new space brings with it the history and culture of Antwerp. With five floors, this space will be able to host events and installations with select artists and designers as well as a coffee bar, and a yoga studio.

This global expansion of The Canvas was made possible by our partnership with Antwerp-based MADE estate, which is an urban trend consultant and real estate company.

Thomas de Mulder of MADE said, “When we met with Devin and Tegan from The Canvas we immediately had a great connection knowing that a collaboration on a certain level would be just logical. Setting up The Canvas in Antwerp and working on this together is a promising adventure we all look forward to. We certainly believe in their approach towards sustainability and fashion and feel a perfect match between the two companies.”

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are no upcoming events at The Canvas Antwerp. We are eager to get back up and running again and will begin posting about upcoming events and activations as soon as it is deemed safe to resume business operations.