Liz Alig is a fair trade company rooted in slow and sustainable fashion, partnering with women’s groups around the world and exploring the use of recycled and hand-woven fabrics. The line’s goal is to make fashion forward, effortless styles that people want to wear while giving women in developing countries hope and a meaningful job. A large portion of the line is produced with recycled materials as well as sustainably sourced and handwoven textiles. Liz Alig partners with over ten fair trade cooperatives, workshops, and NGO's that not only create beautiful ethically made clothing, but are so much different than traditional production houses. They use funds to offer free skills training to women and a free nursery for young children. Employees are paid fairly and given paid holidays and benefits.


Depending on where the items in the line are made, different materials are used and sourced to fit that particular countries methods and resources. Items made in the Cambodia cooperative are made from recycled excess factory fabrics that would otherwise get thrown away. Items made at the Guatemala group recycle denim and weave it into new fabrics for dresses, shorts, skirts and jumpers. In Haiti, second-hand men's button-down shirts are used to fashion aprons and clutches. Honduran women piece together second-hand cotton shirts to make leggings, skirts and shirts. Liz has a personal relationship and agreement with each of the groups she works with, guaranteeing clean and equitable working conditions for their employees, including reasonable pay, benefits, vacation time, and sometimes even investment into further training/education.