Kosy Sheep is a brand that promotes a natural lifecycle. It is a unique product that is aimed at simple comfort and design, sustainable practices, and the environment as a whole. The Islandic brand uses only natural, biodegradable raw materials in their products, local pure premium wool and natural dyes. The socks are inspired by the traditional Ullarsokkar; unique, warm Icelandic woolen socks, that have been worn for centuries in Iceland, mainly with boots.

All products are hand-knitted in Iceland and no shortcuts are taken to speed up the production process. Kosy Sheep teams up with local knitters and use knitting and felting techniques to achieve their aesthetic and warmth. All knitters are offered benefits and social welfare. They also offer to teach those who wish to learn how to knit. Currently, the team is 100% women but men are welcome to join. All items are packaged in sustainable packaging and only natural dyes are used. A future goal of the brand is to collect used wool items from clients to recycle into new product lines.