KMANA is a family-run design company producing timeless, made-to-last, genderless leather travel bags and accessories handcrafted by skilled artisans from Bali and Jakarta. KMANA has a strong commitment to social responsibility promoting local economic, social, and cultural development, working with small workshops and cooperatives of artisans and creatives, and respecting their ways of working, their pricing systems and their deadlines. These workshops have been verified by Ethical Sourcing Bali. Utilizing traditional crafting techniques such as batik weaving not only generates income for middle aged women, but also preserves ancestral skills, some of which are at the verge of disappearing. KMANA is also committed to keeping their environmental impact to a minimum. Leather products are made from vegetable tanned leather from verified family-run tanneries in Java, minimizing the chemicals used in the tanning process. The linen is sourced from cooperatives from different parts of the world who are also committed to sustainable practices.


KMANA is committed to partnering with a number of social initiatives to which they offer 5% of revenue. Since the launch of KMANA in 2018, money has been raised to help victims of earthquakes, promoted women empowerment and occupation, provided training and work opportunities to women who have lost their jobs or are living on the streets, and has been sent to war torn countries such as Syria.