Because all living things and the environment are made of the same universal elements, we are all related to each other, therefore we are “kin”. We must respect, protect, and preserve all living things and the environment, and for KINdom, this is done by offering eco-friendly products and paying tribute to indigenous people.


The fashion industry is a large wasteful machine. Big brands often cancel orders based on super strict or unrealistic standards. Examples of this may be due to materials or goods being (a) late in delivery, (b) a small percentage off in a color, (c) the fit being a minute off beyond accepted industry standards. The result is a significant amount of discarded stock inventory, which can end up in a landfill if not reclaimed or recycled. KINdom reclaims these discarded materials and gives them new life, preventing them from being wasted. Often times these are in very limited quantities.


The group of people left behind in the fashion industry are those who inspire it to begin with. Indigenous communities have rich culture that need to be preserved, and KINdom believes in supporting them by highlighting their textiles in their products. The materials from indigenous communities are always in very limited editions, because they are hand-made and are not mass-produced. Often, they are made of natural raw materials.