Hope Made in the World is a Latin American, artisanal, sustainable clothing brand, whose vision is for an industry where sustainability is not a luxury but a foundational core value. The brand is participating in the charge toward a new kind of luxury, ethically sourcing Peruvian alpaca and prioritizing social conscience for a child labor free industry. Hope Made in the World is dedicated to sourcing their materials from Peruvian suppliers, supporting the native alpaca industry with admiration and respect to the grower and the animal. The alpaca fiber is sourced through a local sustainable network of growers that focus on ethical and environmental awareness. The main suppliers of yarn in Peru belong to a Sustainable Alpaca Network which is a private international enterprise providing support for the sustainable development of alpaca raising. It seeks to generate benefits for all those involved in the alpaca production chain, and especially for the thousands of rural families who make a living from this resource in the harsh conditions of the Peruvian highlands. Production facilities are Child Labor Free certified operating ethically throughout the manufacturing process and are audited once a year.


Our collection of Colombian backpacks are crafted by the Arhuaco indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia and are known for their century-long track record of environmental protection, but their cultural survival and conservation of this sacred mountain’s ecosystems are at risk. A new initiative that looks to preserve biodiversity and replant forests under indigenous control could help turn the tide. Hope Made in the World’s aim is to provide resources through weaving, and support approximately 500 families that comprise this group. Currently the brand is directly supporting 20 families and the goal is to continue the growth of this project to achieve a broader impact.