Alajas is a line of pearl and mother of pearl accessories that is designed in New York City is and hand carved and rendered by skilled female artisans in Manila, Philippines. The brand aims to reintroduce the Philippine archipelago as the fabled Pearl of the Orient and is proudly owned and powered by women.

The organic materials we use are pearl and mother of pearl, which are sustainably sourced from oyster farms. Oyster farms naturally filter water by removing nitrogen and heavy metals from the water they live in, creating a natural bio-solution for polluted water.

Alajas works with skilled female artisans in order to support their livelihood and add additional streams of revenue for them to provide for their families.

GOAL 1: No Poverty, GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality - The Philippines is a third world country where 90% of the population lives below the poverty line. However, where the country is poor in means, it is wealthy in natural resources. By promoting these beautiful resources, along with supporting local artisans, we hope to put the spotlight on the Philippines as a destination for quality goods in order to uplift the economic situation of our country and countrymen.

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production - We believe in conscious consumerism, which is why we only produce a small batch of accessories every season. Our products are hand made and not mass-produced, which means that we can only cater to a limited number of people who, hopefully, share the same values that we espouse.

GOAL 14: Life Below Water - The only way to keep our business growing is to have a symbiotic relationship with mother nature. We must respect the natural resources that provide the materials that we work with. Our freshwater pearls and mother of pearl are sourced sustainably from oyster farms that naturally filter pollutants like nitrogen and heavy metal from the water in order to create a healthy ecosystem for marine life.