3 QUARTERS makes one-off bags with upcycled leftover and used awning fabrics from the Athenian balconies. The team is committed to the principles of sustainable design, and works intentionally on small-scale production, trying to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially and environmentally conscious fashion.


The awning fabrics are almost exclusively synthetic and in Greece, there is no infrastructure for recycling, disposing of, or repurposing of fabrics. So far 3 QUARTERS has reclaimed at least 1 tonne of unwanted materials. The brand has a zero-waste policy and creates no waste whatsoever. All leftover fabrics, threads, metal parts etc are repurposed into new products or are donated to affiliated organizations. All production is in-house and all materials are sourced locally for a fair price. The mission is to do their best to show that everything, even waste, has a value and working ethically holds importance above everything else.