Maker Skirt Long

Denim wrap-around apron

$115.00 / pcs

A new take on an epic classic: the wrap-around denim skirt, enhanced with with a double front pocket, one side pocket, and a tool loop.

A size-flexible skirt that adjusts with ties and overlaps fully in the back for all-day wearability, with reinforced stitching and a durability that takes you through work and play, everyday. Designed by by a glass factory owner who wanted women's workwear with personality, tove wear offers versatility for women who don't want to compromise on durability, sustainability, or style.

100% organic cotton, ethically sourced and sewn.

Length: 26”

Material and Fit
tove wear garments are made from tough organic cotton and are size adjustable. Measure your natural waist (or lower if you like a low-rise fit) and use the size chart to find which size will ensure the best coverage in the back.
Our fabric is tough and holds up well to washing. Wash in warm or cold water with any detergent (we prefer natural detergent). Hang to dry or toss it in the dryer on low heat. Iron if needed. When your done with your skirt, pass it on, upcycle, or compost the fabric.
About Brands
A workwear brand providing clothes at the intersection of practical and fashionable. These clothes are thoughtfully designed in Vermont, produced right in India, and made to last.
Women; Gender-Neutral

tove wear

A brand that inspires action in everyday life. Designed by a glass factory owner & artist who wanted women's work-wear with personality, Tove Wear offers work-to-play versatility for folks who don't want to compromise on durability, sustainability, or style.

Tove Wear provides clothes at the intersection of practical and fashionable, centered around a Signature garment, the Maker Skirt - A wrap skirt for folks at work, play & everyday. A new take on a legendary classic, designed by the artist and glass-factory founder, Tove Ohlander.

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