Olive Signet Ring

$106.00 / pcs

This is our modern take on a design that has been around for centuries. We thought an upgrade was needed, so we kept its bold style. It's handcrafted in sliver and a thick 24k gold layer on sterling silver, which gives our pieces its beautiful, subtle hue.

Material and Fit
-Made in 24K solid gold or Sterling silver -Ring size: Small size 6-7; Medium size 8-9 -Oval diameter: 14 mm wide, 7 mm high. -weight: around 6.0 g


MONA JEWELRY, which was established in 2018. MONA JEWELRY is a young but powerful brand full of charm without losing a sense of fashion. Mona’s unique artistic perspective allows her to elevate simple shapes, such as the circle and square, and make them intricate and meaningful. MONA JEWELRY is full of charm without losing a sense of fashion. Most of inspiration for designs comes from nature and old world oriental culture. Each piece reflects this inspiration in some way and has a significant meaning.

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