11 oz. FOCUS Luxury Candle

FOCUS offers a woody, fresh and refined scent journey. Customer say it's like a hug in a candle.

$69.00 / pcs

Customers have said this is like a hug in a candle with its grounding scent


✔ A Sophisticated Scent experience - freshen up your space and elevate your mind with our luxurious multi-layered scent experience that will have you smiling in seconds

✔ Helps Keep You Focused - the calming woodsy notes of oakmoss intermingled with aquatic melon-de-Cavaillon are subtle yet calming to keep you going

✔ Long-Lasting - this 11 oz candle offers a long burn time of approximately 80 hours to help keep you relaxed night after night

This luxury candle offers an incredible scent journey with a multi-layered scent experience that will have you feeling good all day long

Designed to be like a hug in a candle during those boring workdays

Looking for a mental boost to keep you focused and concentrated? Here you have it. This fragranced candle is all you need to train your mind and intellect to go for what it wants. Our Focus scented luxury candle is like a hug that reminds you that you’re doing great.

It’s perfect for use after those long afternoons that you simply just want to destress.

Scent Journey

Focus offers an exquisitely combined scent journey. You’ll enjoy, the aromas of soft, woody, plant-like oakmoss, musk, and light hints of citrus via aquatic melon-de-Cavaillon. All of which have been specifically designed to activate your mind and clear your head.

What Size is the candle?

Our candles are 11 oz of pure goodness.

What type of candle wax is used?

We only use the best materials we can find. Our luxe candles are made using a premium and creamy soy wax to help you enjoy a clean burn.

How long will my candle last?

A HOME'edged NYC candle lasts approx 80 hours.


We ship our products Monday through Thursday and orders typically take 2-5 days depending on where you are located. Currently, we only ship within the US. All orders originate from NYC.

Other Details:
Designed in NYC
Scented Candle
Made in the USA
11 oz
Burn time: approx 80 hours
3.12 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide

Material and Fit
- Designed in NYC - Scented Candle - Made in the USA - 11 oz Soy - Burn time: approx 80 hours 3.12 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide
- First burn: burn for an hour or until the entire top layer is melted. - Trim candle wick to 1/8 inch before each use. - Burn within sight. - Keep away from flammable objects. - Keep away from children and pets.
About Brands
HOME'edged NYC was founded in 2016 by stylist and menswear editor Michael William G right out of his tiny Upper East Side Kitchen. As the creative force behind HOME’edged NYC, he single-handedly put a new spin on how consumers enjoy their scent experience, by creating luxe candles that have been designed for every time of day. In 2020 during the midst of a pandemic, HOME'edged NYC joined the world-famous Nolita Market in SOHO's Nolita Neighborhood. This helped catapult the brand to the next level. Now HOME'edged NYC offers luxe candles, reed diffusers, Eau De Parfums, and room sprays.