Beeswax Anorak

Our first outerwear project, inspired by a classic 1940s army piece re-imagined with a sustainable twist. The Scottish beeswaxed fabric by Halley Stev

$320.00 / pcs

- 100% organic cotton GOTS Certified;
- Natural beeswax coating SOIL certified;
- Natural thermal technology;
- Hypoallergenic and Skin Friendly;
- Accessorised with olive wood buttons;
- PFC Free.

Traditional outwear jackets are made water repellent by using PFCs. PFCs are man-made chemicals commonly used in durable water repellent coatings. In recent years it became obvious that these chemicals are incredibly harmful to the environment and to people’s health. The Beeswax Anorak is our alternative. The organic cotton used in its manufacturing process has been coated with natural beeswax to keep you warm and dry in the cold while preserving the jacket’s breathability.

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