Toma Basket

bolga Woven Basket Crafted in Yikene

$140.00 / pcs

Crafted in Yikene

The Toma basket is the perfect basket. Use it to store mats, kids' toys, as a planter. Or, take it to the grocery store, to a cozy picnic or carry your essentials during a workday. Its wide opening offers plenty of access and useable space.


· Made with Straw
· W: 34 x H: 34 x B: 26 cm

*These baskets are handmade and each piece is unique so slight variations may exist in colors, pattern, size, and shape.

*Each product at Aketekete is made to order by our local artisans and it required between 1 to 3 days to be shipped.

Material and Fit
SHIPPING NOTE : In an effort to keep shipping costs more affordable, we ship our baskets flattened. This does not hurt the baskets in any way as they are very durable and flexible. Along with your package, you will find a document titled ‘How to wet your basket.’ This will provide you step by step instructions to easily reshape your basket in minutes.
Our baskets are made of a strong and flexible material called straw (or elephant grass) which will allow you to use it as much as you want and will cover all your needs. Although, cause it’s natural nature we strongly recommend to avoid humidity, direct sunlight and dust. Take note that because of the use of the natural dyes or plant-based dyes process it can happen that with time the colours of it become less bright & saturated. Also, the baskets that come with a removable cloth on the handle are for a resistance reason. Although we also like the basket by itself without any other material than its own, we advise using the cloth if the basket it’s gonna be used regularly to keep the handle strength and avoid scratches between them.
About Brands
AKETEKETE works to connect our local artisans with customers. We believe in the collaborative creation of modern objects using old craft techniques while maintaining the most sustainable, responsible, and ethical production process possible. The design process begins in the communities of our artisans. They share techniques, ideas, and inspiration and explore the process of creation as a team together with the designers. Our artisans are exceptionally talented and committed members of the team. Often we see our products pass through the hands of multiple artisans working in collaboration to deliver the finest final product.


AKETEKETE It is an ode to the past and to never being forgotten. A connection to nature and its forms. To celebrate culture, origins and stories otherwise lost.

We explore the creation of objects that allows one to see, feel, carry, and value part of a place and its people. We admire the beauty of uniqueness, irregularities, and the grace of craft - the expression of our selves by creating the pieces we dream of.

AKETEKETE designs and creates high-quality jewelry and woven baskets with age-old techniques by supporting Ghanaian artisan communities to make them.
We value connecting with creatives to produce modern pieces using traditional techniques while maintaining ethical and fair processes. We promote a transparent process where the artisan is always the main focus of our work.

AKETEKETE aims to support and promote quality designed craft from Ghana while being as transparent and culturally accurate as possible. All our profits are reinvested back into the company ensuring conscious business development and helping us promote growth as a team.
We always aim to provide more opportunities for the artisans.

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