$70.00 / pcs

/adekyeeɛ/ means ’sunset' in twi.


· Recycled Glass Beads crafted in Ghana and Glass Beads
· 24K Gold Plated Brass
· 20 cm Lenght Necklace

*Designed by aketekete and handmade in our studio in Accra, Ghana.

*These earrings are handmade and each piece is unique so slight variations may exist in size, color and shape.

*Each product at Aketekete is made to order by our local artisans and it required between 1 to 3 days to be shipped.

We highly recommend avoiding direct contact with lotion, alcohol and cosmetics. Please do not wear your jewelry while sleeping or doing sport. Remember to avoid exposing your jewelry to water, salt, sun, chlorine and other chemicals. Store your jewelry in a dry room inside a cloth bag or its original box when not wearing it. This way you will avoid scratches and blows. 24K Plated Brass The gold combinations are plated with a thick layer of 24K gold - but kindly note that with time the plating can be worn off and tarnish. This is a normal and natural process and there is not reason to claim. CLEANING Gently polish with a soft cloth. Don’t use any cleaning product as it can damage the plating. Regular maintenance of your jewelry will ensure it sparkles and remains beautiful for a long time.
About Brands
AKETEKETE works to connect our local artisans with customers. We believe in the collaborative creation of modern objects using old craft techniques while maintaining the most sustainable, responsible, and ethical production process possible. The design process begins in the communities of our artisans. They share techniques, ideas, and inspiration and explore the process of creation as a team together with the designers. Our artisans are exceptionally talented and committed members of the team. Often we see our products pass through the hands of multiple artisans working in collaboration to deliver the finest final product.
Women; Gender-Neutral


AKETEKETE It is an ode to the past and to never being forgotten. A connection to nature and its forms. To celebrate culture, origins and stories otherwise lost.

We explore the creation of objects that allows one to see, feel, carry, and value part of a place and its people. We admire the beauty of uniqueness, irregularities, and the grace of craft - the expression of our selves by creating the pieces we dream of.

AKETEKETE designs and creates high-quality jewelry and woven baskets with age-old techniques by supporting Ghanaian artisan communities to make them.
We value connecting with creatives to produce modern pieces using traditional techniques while maintaining ethical and fair processes. We promote a transparent process where the artisan is always the main focus of our work.

AKETEKETE aims to support and promote quality designed craft from Ghana while being as transparent and culturally accurate as possible. All our profits are reinvested back into the company ensuring conscious business development and helping us promote growth as a team.
We always aim to provide more opportunities for the artisans.

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