Cotton Coat Cantuta Flower

$935.00 / pcs

Cotton Coat Cantuta Flower

Fair knitwear | Handmade in Peru | Vegan |
100 % Organic Pima Cotton | Unisex | Blossom knit |
Made from new organic cotton residues | Onesize |

Cotton Coat Cantuta Flower

The beautiful Cantuta blooms all year round. Exactly what our designer Julia would like for you, too. The national flower of Peru, which only grows in altitudes above 1200 meters, has a history of adorning special occasions and stands for respect. The holy Inca blossom is even said to have healing and cleansing powers. In collaboration with nature lover Friederike of Freiseindesign, Julia designed this beautiful statement piece made of loose, light knit to make you shine bright in every situation. But not only because of its stunning color – this vegan slow fashion coat made of 100% new residual cotton blooms with a delicate floral knit pattern which you will discover on closer inspection.

Material and Fit
100 % Organic Pima Cotton Onesize; oversized shape
Handwash only 30 °C


ANNAMRIAANGELIKA's premium knitwear is characterized by the confluence of sustainability, lifestyle and design, while playfully creating a unique link between tradition and modernity.

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