Greek Statue Jeans

Paper Bag Style Denim with Embroidered Greek Statue Art

$250.00 / pcs

These thrifted Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans are the perfect baggy paper bag style complete with the denim tie belt. The two tone embroidery design was hand drawn from inspiration of the Statue of David and the Venus de Milo Statue. The jeans were embroidered at The Canvas Store on Bowery with a manually operated vintage Singer chainstitch embroidery machine.

Material and Fit
Baggy Relaxed Style Fit Waist size 28-30 (adjustable with tie belt) 100% Cotton
Hand wash/spot clean Hang to dry


Untrend is an upcycled vintage denim brand that creates one of a kind wearable art using thrifted garments, recycled textile scraps, and vintage hand cranked chainstitch embroidery. The goal is to reimagine what ordinary used denim can look like, all while avoiding harmful production practices and using as little new materials as possible. This brand is created entirely by Aly from her studio in Brooklyn, NY. Aly also works on her embroidery machine at The Canvas store on Bowery.

Email to set up an appointment to visit her at the store or for general custom embroidery inquiries.

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