Dragon Handpainted Plant-Dyed Tencel Long Kimono - Gold

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$388.00 / pcs

The love story behind the making of Dragon Kimono is about passion to do what you love and safeguard the plant dyeing tradition. When wearing Dragon, remember you are wearing generations of culture, art and talent. Our Balinese goodluck dragon artist, Pak Septala, is a teacher by day and a secret artist by night. For 30 hours, he poured his passion for freehand drawing using plant-ink and bamboo sticks to bring you this mesmerizing art. No sketching, no machines, no rushing. PLANT DYEING the sustainable Tencel in gold using mango leaves completes the beauty package. Our dyeing partner in Bali produce the dyes themselves in their home studio from abundantly grown plants in Bali instead of synthetic chemicals, bought outside and made by machines. Why? Good for the health: The by-hand, non-polluting process - from harvesting, extracting, and repeated dye bathing (massaging, marinating and drying) is toxin-free so it’s safe for artisans and the earth. It’s demanding - take more time, patience, creativity - but the results are mysteriously appealing. Color variations are unpredictable because they’re affected by sunlight, harvest time, climate, water, even soil fertility. Plant colors are always subdued - compared to the vibrant chemical dyes - and the natural fading over time has an earthy vibe beauty. Good for the earth: Plants re-grow so they’re a renewable, low-cost source

Material and Fit
One size, generous proportions: Front chest 36 inches/91cm. Back 26 inches/67cm. Length 53 inches/135 cm. 100% Plant dyed: Gold extracted from mango leaves that are abundant in Bali. 100% Tencel: Fiber comes from renewable raw material wood, and produced using an environmentally responsible closed-loop process. Compostable and biodegradable to fully revert back to nature. Vegan alternative to silk with its lightweight sheen and silky smoothness.
Cold wash always with like colors. Eco or gentle detergent is best. Air dry in the shade (not under the sun) or tumble dry low. Dry clean not recommended because plant dyes react to heavy synthetic chemicals.

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