100% Recycled Cotton T-shirt

$48.00 / pcs

If you are curious and dare enough to take a step deeper into the Cuban culture, you might definitely fancy this design.

This t-shirt is meant for someone who wants to go a little deeper, go to the next level. In the back of the tee states “Orula protégenos” - Orula protect us, a prayer to the Cuban Orisha known for revealing the signs from higher creators, the one responsible to protect humans from doom and death.

Our Co-founder and Creative Director, Idania del Rio, feels that “with NOWI, we aim to find that language, a design bridge where anyone, no matter where they’re come from, can exactly understand what we are talking about”.

Clandestina’s new collection verses over Cuba, the island, the tropical hotspot, the isolated and distanced land in the heart of the Caribbean ocean.

Material and Fit
RE-WEAR T-shirt R COTTON 100 Weight: 180 gr/m2 Width: 170 cm Performance: 3.2 m Type of knit: Jersey 100% Recycled Cotton Printed in Silkscreen


Cuba's first independent sustainable fashion brand

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