Model 120 Backpack in Cuoio Brown

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Mod. 120 -Unisex high-end rucksack by DUST
DUST has created its latest rucksack with a neat, pared-back modern design so you can take everything you need with you, every day and at weekends. Elegance is guaranteed by the attentive style research, but also, and above all, by the great quality of genuine Tuscan leather, an evergreen in terms of trend, durability and resistance.

• Plenty of choice, as the rucksack comes in four different colours, to adapt it to your style and personality.

Width 30 cm
Height 40 cm
Depth 16 cm
Weight 1.44 kg

Made with 2- and 3-millimetre-thick genuine Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather (the best in the world) and reinforced with 8 rivets.

The pockets are sewn with COATS thread and have a special YKK EXCELLA zip fastener (the best on the market) which closes a compartment to contain personal items.

Unisex rucksack in vegetable-tanned leather
The large space at the centre is ideal for holding a MacBook Pro and any other 15-inch device, as well as any A4 documents. The same space can be used to hold essential garments for those short out-of-town trips.

The rucksack is designed to be used as hand luggage on plane journeys.

• The rucksack will be delivered with a Certificate of authenticity of Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather.

• Made by craftsmen.

Material and Fit
Vegetable Tanned Leather
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The DUST Concept goes against the current trend to industrialize the production of a standard and packaged product. Medium-low quality, massive quantities and automated processing times are not part of our philosophy.

At DUST, we choose the slower path - we use the craftsman's hand to choose and work, rather than rely on machines that produce identical products. We have chosen to go back to basics.

We use a retro-vintage design to create genuine, stylish, and practical goods that are then made by our leather craftsmen.

The best vegetable-tanned leather.

We prefer to work on the best quality leather, selected and rigorously vegetable-tanned, to design and create a high-quality product.

In a nutshell, DUST is inspired by and wholly embraces the Italian tradition, products Made in Italy.

It means that we are completely aware of what it means, that we know how to apply it to the creation of our products and deliver it to you.
DUST is synonymous with Italian handmade leather products because:

• We choose craftsmanship
• We choose quality vegetable-tanned leather
• We choose a traditional design with a retro-vintage taste

DUST, the craftsman's hand as a lifestyle choice

Handcrafting allows us to create a truly authentic product that will never be equal to any other. The care that a leather craftsman puts into his work is invaluable because it requires passion, time and honesty.

When you buy a DUST bag you have the knowledge and guarantee of owning an object that is unique and incomparable. All this fascinates us because it removes any distance that exists between you and us.

Leather prepared with an ancient technique: Tuscan vegetable tanning

Of ancient origins, Tuscan vegetable tanning is the most traditional and recognizable technique that exists and with zero environmental impact. Our decades of experience hand-crafting leather have led us to use a strictly certified material for this traditional process.

This is because vegetable tanning gives the leather the following properties:

• a unique colour and softness
• it ages well and is not ruined
• it is also suitable for those who are intolerant to metals
From the craftsman to the customer. As it should be, always.

This leather craftsmanship principle adopted by DUST is closely connected to nature without using chemicals (that means no risks for you who are intolerant to metals or other related substances) and is based on the use of tannin, a substance that is found in various types of trees and plants.

The master craftsmen of Tuscany choose it because it gives the leather the characteristics listed above, which are unique in their kind.

Add style and an ancient, traditional, and natural philosophy of life.

The particular property of this leather, which DUST uses to make its products, is that it ages very well and is never ruined. In fact, daily use makes the leather look even better. The tannin makes the colour of the leather improve over time.

Therefore, you should choose a product made using the vegetable-tanning technique - it means owning something highly personal and different.

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