Farmers Market Jacket

Jacket constructed from vintage table placemats.

$275.00 / pcs

Jacket constructed from second-hand clothing and recycled table linens. Featuring vintage crochet dollie sleeve cuffs and a large ‘basket of apples’ pocket made from a recycled table placemat.
Materials: Linen / Cotton, Size: M

Women; Gender-Neutral

Kerry Phelan Designs

Born through the exploration of repurposed vintage one-of-a-kind textiles, Kerry Phelan Designs features bold, modern and inclusive handmade garments reconstructed from alluring antique furniture upholstery, vintage handmade quilts, and embroidered tableware. Inspired by nature, the brand holds a high standard in sustainability from textile sourcing to design application and production. Kerry Phelan focuses on highlighting the traditional, hand-done elements of the vintage textiles, calling attention to the female-centric methods of historic embroidery, quilting, and trimming. Kerry Phelan Designs gives materials destined for landfills a trendy rebirth, honoring both the history they hold and the breathtaking land that created them.

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