Kathryn Plant Dyed Handwoven Rattan Bag - Muddy Black

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$125.00 / pcs

The love story behind the making of Kathryn is about safeguarding an indigenous weaving culture and preserving the integrity of the community. By marrying an ancient weaving tradition and contemporary design, the weavers of the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan (the Indonesia part of Borneo island) welcomed a new design challenge. Young weaver Rowena enjoyed reengineering the ancient technique to get these stunning wild fringes. It took her 10 days to complete a bag. Men do the harvesting from abundant rattan in the forest, then cleaning, drying, cutting and splitting. To get the black dye, they soaked the rattan strips for days in mud with a mix of rambutan, stinky bean leaves and other dye plants.

Material and Fit
One size. 10 x 27 inches. Side seam 3 inches. Strap 31 inches. Fringes 15 inches.
For long lasting plant dye, clean with water and gentle detergent if needed. To keep the fringes straight, keep it hanging.

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