Wunderwear 50/50

$35.00 / pcs

All-gender, front and rear reversible recycled polyester and super extra fine merino wool underwear
BRING's underwear was born from the encounter of merino wool's smooth texture, deodorant properties, temperature control and recycled polyester . Made from recycled polyester and super extra fine merino wool. Two types that can be selected according to the wool content.

50/50 is 50% wool and 50% recycled polyester . Recommended for activities with a lot of activity, such as running in the mountains for a long time.

70/30 is 70% wool and 30% recycled polyester . It is useful in situations where the amount of activity such as mountain climbing is relatively small.

BRING Material (TM) 70/30:30% 50/50: 50%

BRING Material (TM) is a trademark that is displayed when raw materials, threads, fabrics, and final products made in the BRING supply chain are used as materials. Sustainable polyester made from remnants and yarns generated when making apparel products, and used clothing provided by everyone.
Have you ever seen a bee-marked clothing collection box? In partnership with our partners, we collect clothing that is no longer needed at home. Clothes that can still be worn can be reused or donated, and the clothes that can be worn can be recycled to polyester of the same quality as petroleum-derived polyester. By doing so, fossil fuel usage can be minimized.

There are still many happy stories .
Uses Super Extra Fine Merino Wool for a smooth feel . Of course, you can easily wash it at home.

All-gender All-gender support.
Deodorant wool is a natural deodorant material. Moisture does not easily remain on the surface of the fiber, and the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi is suppressed. Wool is said to be less likely to give off a sweaty odor even when sweating.
The "moisture absorption and desorption" of temperature-controlled wool helps control the temperature of the wearer's body and maintains comfort. It can be worn comfortably in both summer and winter, and in recent years wool material has been attracting attention as an inner item for sportswear. Even if you sweat, it will not stick to your body, and by maintaining an appropriate space between you and your body, it will be difficult for you to get cold.
Made from
washable wool, it can be easily washed in a home washing machine.
it contains polyester that dries easily even though it is wool, it overcomes the weakness of 100% wool, which is the difficulty of drying.
Front and back reversible Design that can be worn before or after.
WHOLEGARMENT®︎ Knit Knit for outstanding elasticity, and non-sewn for gentle skin. One size fits all, front and back reversible.



BRING Technology recycles polyester in collected clothes into polyester resin to manufacture products that are equivalent to petroleum-derived raw materials. They are committed to a circular economy with BRING Technology, polyester has been transformed into a sustainable raw material.

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