Reflective Sunnies Shorts

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Super soft and stretchy, our Sunnies Reflective Shorts with SPF 50+ protect you from the sun and keep you visible at night. Take them on the road (biking, running), to the mat (yoga, etc...), wear them around the neighborhood and lounging at home, or dress them up for the club (OK, the Zoom dance party)... you get the idea - this is a live-in style. The Sunnies Reflective Shorts also have a neon with silver reflective striped elastic waistband and a rainbow sparkle reflective trim around the legs, providing 360º of Haute Réflecture® fun.


Vespertine NYC

Vespertine NYC's Haute Réflecture® apparel and accessory collections are a collision of reflective safety wear and style, made locally in NYC's storied Garment District from sustainable and recycled tech materials and up-cycled luxury fabrics. Their functional, eye-catching collections are designed to empower and inspire today's active sustainable lifestyles and to turn heads, on road and off. Finally, fashion can save your life!

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